Sports Mouth Guards

If you have braces, playing sports can be dangerous. At myORTHODONTIST, our orthodontic specialists recommend a protective mouthguard for children, teens, and adults who play sports during their orthodontic treatment.

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Braces & Playing Sports

You can still play the sports you love during your orthodontic treatment. You just have to take extra precautions to protect your orthodontic appliances and the inside of your mouth!

Since braces are made of metal and wires, their presence in your mouth can cause a lot of damage if you sustain a blow to the face. The appliances themselves may also be damaged. In addition, because your teeth will be a bit looser during orthodontic treatment, they can be more easily damaged during impact.

Benefits of Mouthguards

A protective mouthguard is advised for playing sports during orthodontic treatment, to help protect you from potential injury. With the use of an orthodontic mouthguard, most sports can be played with braces.

Even if the sport you play involves little to no bodily contact with other players, a mouthguard is still a good idea if you have braces, because any physical activity can come with an increased risk of injury.

While you can play most sports with braces, we do recommend you avoid participating in sports where you're sure to get hit in the face, like boxing, and certain types of martial arts.

Living With Braces

Sports Mouth Guards

Custom Mouthguards from myORTHODONTIST

At myORTHODONTIST, we can create a custom mouthguard for you or the athlete in your life, to help you safely play the sports you love during your orthodontic treatment.

Why Should I Consider a Custom Mouthguard?

A well-designed custom mouthguard fits the wearer's unique mouth precisely, making it effective at protecting your mouth. It helps protects the teeth, jaws, and surrounding tissues from injury by providing support, cushioning, and a secure fit. It may even reduce the risk of jaw fracture.

Custom-made mouthguards provide protection and comfort without necessarily hindering speech or breathing. A custom-made mouthguard can help:

  • Protect your teeth
  • Lower the risk of facial fractures or a concussion

Onsite Fittings & Impressions

When you visit us for a mouthguard fitting in one of our locations, an impression of your smile will be taken and sent off to our laboratory, where we will use it to create your new custom mouthguard.

Once your custom mouthguard is ready, it will be available for pick-up at our practice.

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